Superior of St. Francis Convent, Sr. LENY CASTELINO F.M.M is the Correspondent of St. Joseph’s Matriculation Hr. Sec. School from 2018 onwards. She is a person of vision for the mission, very active, committed and dedicated person in the life of St. Joseph’s.

       All of us dream of excelling in our lives, accomplishing great feats and making our lives worthwhile and counted. Dreams unlock the horizons of our minds, expand new frontiers and provide us with new and greater opportunities. They give new direction and orientation to our lives; they become a motivational and guiding factor in the pursuit of our goals and aspirations with clarity of thought and purpose.

Having dreams enables to work hard with determination and dedication that ensures success and fulfillment. When we pursue our dreams, setbacks are sure to be there but let us face it with greater determination and courage without letting them pull us down. Enid Blyton’s work was rejected by publishers over 500 times before her first work was published. Walt Disney’s request for funds to develop Disneyland was rejected by over a hundred banks.

Colonel Sanders’ chicken recipe was rejected by over a thousand restaurants before he began Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). While pursuing dreams, one may not succeed the way one plans but the experiences one has along the way can be an asset in the future. Life isn’t a journey of going two steps forward and one step back. This happens only when a person lives her/his life without awareness……without learning from her/his experiences. As we move ahead in our life’s journey let us weave our own dreams into reality, moving on with newer dreams and aspirations, filling our life with joy and contentment.