Club & Activities

       In St. Joseph’s Mat. Hr. Sec. School, the following clubs meet every Tuesdays and Thursdays to carry out their activities effectively and enthusiastically under the able guidance of their respective teachers. During the year a day is set apart to celebrate their club day and exhibit their hidden talents with the other children of the school.


       Language Club includes Tamil, Hindi and English. Throughout the year efforts are made to improve and encourage fluency, communicative and literary skills of the children. The uniqueness of each language is given importance and its culture is studied in detail.


       All of us have come to this world empty-handed and will also leave the world the same way. What we can do is to fill our God-given life with the service to humanity as much as we can and as long as we can. The Social Service Club acts as a supportive community of students who share an interest in the social service. The club children along with their teachers are exposed to various social situations and imbibe its values and ethics.


       Science Club is very active, enthusiastic and dynamic in nature. This club functions to increase the scientific interest in students to analyze the data in a systematic way. The information in science is updated, shared and discussed in this club.


       The PULSE (People United to Love and Serve the Environment) Club motivates in preserving the environment free from air, water and land pollution. Awareness about the need to save the natural resources is created through various activities.


       The students meet together to learn and make several useful products out of waste material.


       The Eco club members organize programmes to create awareness among the students to save, protect and preserve the Mother Earth Green and Clean. If we do not take care of the Mother Earth all of us will become endangered species.


       There are two computer labs catering to the needs of the children of High School and the Higher Secondaryl. They improve their creativity and keep them abreast with the IT world.


       The mission of Guides Club is to contribute to the education of young people through a value system based on the scout promise. They help to build a better world where people are self fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.


       Bulbul is a junior club between the age group of eight and ten. They are taught values and character formation. The main purpose is to bring out the hidden potentials from within and make them aware of their self worth.


       R.S.P (Road Safety Patrol) students take turn to give talks on road safety measures once or twice in a week during the assembly. They also help out in directing the traffic in the school zone.